Blogging Checklist: 10 Steps On How You Can Build an Effective Business Blog

Unsure of how to set yourself up for a successful blogging business? Follow this easy 10-step checklist:


How To Build an Effective Business Blog

1. Allow Subscribers

All too many businesses miss out on the value of gaining loyal blog subscribers.

The more people who subscribe to your blog, the more opportunities you will have to make sales and to raise the number of people who regularly visit your website.

2. Make Sure Your Blog & Your Website Are on the Same Domain 


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One of the best benefits of blogging is the way if builds SEO value for your site. If you put your blog on a different domain, however, you’re pulling apart the SEO value of your website and blog, which harms the performance of both.

It’s important, accordingly, to have your blog and your website on the same domain, calling it something like blog.”domain name”.com or “domain name”.com/blog.

3. Set Up a Routine Publishing Schedule

regular blogging routine

Implement a regular blogging routine

Blog readers appreciate consistency as well as being able to know precisely when to expect new content, so it will be beneficial to adhere to a consistent schedule with your blogging.

No matter if you daily, weekly, or monthly, be consistent.

Do not simply post articles whenever you happen to write them. You will foster many more regular visitors by releasing new content according to a fixed routine.

4. Produce Enough Blog Articles to Achieve Your Traffic Goals

Ask yourself how many blog articles you are producing each month.

If you’re not producing enough of them, then you probably aren’t reaching your monthly traffic goals.

Publishing articles about current topics or industry trends is one excellent way to attract more traffic to your website.

It may not be enough to simply publish so many articles a month; you may need to choose your topics more strategically.

5. Integrate Social Networking

One absolute requirement for any blog is share buttons.

How else will readers share and spread your fantastic article?

The successfulness of your blog depends entirely, of course, on how many people read it.

It has been estimated that social sharing buttons increase traffic to your website by as much as 55%.

6. Make an Inspiring Call to Action In Every Article

There is no single better way to increase the potential of conversions from your blog than by making a compelling call to action.

You should always give your readers and visitors some motivation, and there is no better way than through your blog articles.

Make use of a call to action which is relevant to the content of every blog post.

Or, one even better method of targeting your audience is to add sSmart CTAs.

7. Create Blog Content for the Personas of Your Customers

Don’t simply write in order to make more content. It is better to make content geared towards customer’s personas.

Your customer personas are simply not going to read your posts if their content is not related to the kind of product or service they are looking for.

Don’t look at your blog merely as a venue to discuss current topics or trends.

Think rather of blogging as a means to educate customer personas as well as to engage with them in order to push them down the sales funnel.

8. Optimize your pages for Speed and Mobile Access 

People’s time is valuable to them so they don’t want to bother waiting for a slow blog page to load.

Make sure to test your site’s speed with online tools like in order to find ways of reducing your loading time.

One of the most common problems is large sized photos.

And with the ongoing increase in browsing via mobile devices, it is imperative that your blog be accessible to smart phones and tablets.

9. Make Sure Your Blog is SEO Optimized

Nobody will find your blog to begin with if it isn’t search engine optimized.

It’s best to determine a focus keyword for any marketing content you make, and also to make sure that this is featured prominently in images, page titles, alt tags, and headers.

By doing so you can increase the opportunity you have of ranking significantly higher in search engines.

Is a high ranking really so important? Incredibly so, if you consider that, according to Marketshare, 75% of internet browsers never bother to scroll beyond the first page of results.

Make sure you also link to more relevant content in your blog articles as well since this will help to lead web traffic to other important areas relating to your marketing goals.

10. Identify the Authors Used in Your Blog

If you have a unique voice within your industry, make sure this is well displayed by featuring a name and a face with each blog you post.

This can help you to establish credibility as an industry leader as well as build trust with your followers.


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