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by David Caruso
Leading International Digital Marketing Speaker

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Outstanding Creative Strategy

There are so many heritage and outstanding business blogging strategies already out there which are very creative. The question is:

  • What should you do to make your blog stand out?
  • What must you do to make your readers come back for more?
  • What should you do to get a loyal number of followers and increase visitor number?

Just to start off, there are numerous methods and tricks that can be used to make your blog shine and stands out from all of the others. This will make your business perform very well.

To get started, get the edge over your competition. Understand fully how to use your blog effectively on your website. Your business blog will attract more customers and new visitors to your website.

Consequently, new visitors translates into new leads and therefore increasing sales for your business. You can learn more about effectiveness of blogs and how to use them to increase your revenue by attending our online blogging webinars.


Join David On A Personal Free 1 Hour Training Webinar

Thank you so much – the webinar on Blogging was very informative and I’m excited to start. Will let you know the progress and thank you again. I’ll look forward to more from you – finally information in “normal speak” and understandable to those of us who are “technically challenged”.

Lana, Hollywood Central


By attending the webinars you will learn the following:

– Several strategies of generating traffic that you can easily grasp and use;
– Principles that people on the inside use. This will spark the growth of your blog leading to more leads and sales for your business;
– This training event by webinar promises to be the most effective investment for your business this year.

Target audience for this business blogging workshop:

– Any owner of a small business, manager, entrepreneur or a marketer who wants to increase their website traffic.
– Individuals who already have successful blog traffic but still want to learn more on other stronger strategies.
– Newbies (new bloggers) who want to create traffic to their first blog and consistency thereafter that will lead to more sales.


Getting a combination between your blog and an existing website. This will make search engines love you even more. Because search engine optimization (SEO) relies more on content.

Find A Niche

Try to find a niche while choosing a topic for your blog. Avoid generalisation of content, instead, you should make your blog be specific. By doing this, you will catch the attention and please both your readers and the search engine. Identify your niche and go for it, remember to stay relevant to the topic of discussion.

Offer value

Make sure you give what the public wants. Otherwise, no matter how creative your blog is, you will never get success. Therefore it is prudent to give people what they want and offer value to their needs and browsing experience.

How can this be achieved? Value is achieved by the content you publish, more valuable content will make your readers enjoy it and come back for more, invaluable content will not interest your audience hence they will not come back.

Focus More On Marketing

Make sure you actively market your content very well. You will not get anywhere with your blog if you just launch it and wait people to read it. Have a well-managed and effective marketing plan. There is no shortcut on this.

Make It Easy To Comment

There are many reasons why readers will not comment on your blog. It could be anything from complicated navigation to negative content that people do not want to associate with to ease of access.

Therefore, make the commenting section easily accessible. Also ensure that you write about things that excite people and make them think positively.

Do Not Concern Yourself With Negativity

Not all comments will be positive. Do not let any negative comment put you off and discourage you from blogging. You can respond positively to any negative comment or simply delete it. Although negative comments are rare, handle them positively.


Use images to advertise your content online. People love imagery content when they scroll through web pages. Using images will help to break down the blog content and also add on visual interest. Therefore, when creating a blog, use as many images as you can to capture the attention of your audience.

Provide Easy Reading

Research has shown that people scan through web content than read the entire article or blog. Therefore, make your blog as simple as you can, also provide list of the content and break down the text if possible.

Catchy Titles

When choosing about your blog’s title or what to blog about, use titles that people search more on the web. Titles that are catchy and appealing to catch your readers’ attention and feed their curiosity.


Just like a journal, try to keep your blog content up to date. For example, if you are on holiday, make good use of scheduling tools so that it can post automatically when you are away. The idea is to keep your content and readers up to date.

Focus On Analytics

Keep an eye on how people are finding your blog. From there you can tailor your content to the needs of your readers and focus more on what is drawing people in. Use the web analytics to make sure that your blog is working powerfully.

Introducing David Caruso – Your Business Partner

David has been a successful SME Business owner for over 29 years.

From a sole operator based in Sydney, Australia, David successfully grew his small business into a thriving multi-million dollar a year success story. David is a sought after international speaker on the various topics of business strategies and marketing.

David’s extensive background in the business world provides his clients with a unique advantage. His practical business growth strategies have been applied across a wide range of industries and organisations.

Visit Business Blog Formula website and find out how we can help your business!

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